Featured Artists

Dog Bite Steel is a family art studio run and contributed to by professional artists, Jean Pierre Schoss, Brenda Tucker, and Nile Schoss. We have been creating out of our Uxbridge studio for over 30 years. Jean Pierre is the master cutter, builder, and welder. Brenda Tucker is a retired porcelain artist of 28 years who helps design, paint, and market the metalwork. Nile, our son, attended Humber College Visual and Digital Arts and is an experienced landscaper of 16 years. He is a gifted abstract, multimedia artist who contributes to some of our bigger projects as well as creating his own work.


Dog bite Steel creates work from mostly recycled oil tanks and propane tanks. This type of metal is very thick and will last for decades outside without degrading quickly. We began using these recycled materials in the early years because we could not afford to buy new metal. The found and recycled materials gave our work a character that was unique and told the story of the weathered material within the new artistic creation.

Jean Pierre loves Canadiana and Canadian culture. We create a lot of native Canadian animals, metal furniture and fun, abstract creatures of all sorts. We supply stores and galleries and are always working on private commissions. We use graffiti spray paint that maintains its colour very well against UV rays and is available in over 500 colours. We are full-time artists who are always expanding and creating new work. We spend our winters at our home in the Mexican Mayan Riviera recharging, collecting Mexican art, travelling through Mexico, watching sunrises and sunsets, and soaking in the greatly inspiring tropical vibes.

Art matters!