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December 28, 2022 - February 20, 2023

Thursday - Sunday Evenings  |  6:00pm - 10:30pm

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The wooded trails at Mountsberg are always beautiful in the wintertime but now we have made them more magical than ever! The Winterlit Trail features a unique and stunning lighting experience with inspirational art installations along the trail. Also, the Illuminated Sugarbush Trail has soft overhead lighting to allow for a beautiful evening stroll through the sugarbush. This experience will include soundtracks from local musicians while you enjoy the beauty of Mountsberg in winter. The Winterlit experience will be offered from Thursday to Sunday evenings. 


*Please note this is a non-refundable event.

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As if Winterlit isn’t dreamy enough, we have selected a few weekends to create an even more memorable evening with your friends, family, or partner. You can enjoy the magic of Winterlit with the following enhancements (more details to come):

  • Winterlit Marketplace with local food and craft vendors

  • Live music from local performing artists

  • Other entertainment, including

  • Local wine and beer


*Please note this is a non-refundable event.

An Award-winning Sustainable Event

Not only is Winterlit an enchanting experience for our community, but it is also based on the concept of providing a sustainable event. It is a privilege to be caretakers of Conservation Halton Parks so we can all enjoy them for generations to come. As in everything we do, #ConservationMatters on the Winterlit Trail! Materials selected for the trail are recycled, upcycled, and energy-efficient, and created with love by our Conservation Halton team. Here are just a few ways we’ve implemented sustainable practices at Winterlit:

  • All lighting is LED for the lowest energy footprint

  • We use electric battery packs rather than gas generators to bring lights to the remote parts of the trail

  • Most of the wood elements on the trail are created from ash trees that had to be removed from our parks due to the impact of the Emerald Ash Borer, an invasive insect

  • The remaining elements have been created out of recycled or upcycled products by our talented staff

  • We re-use the plastic in our signage over and over: a simple heat gun removes the old sign and the plastic is ready for re-use


Thank you for joining us for Winterlit! Your support shows that #ConservationMatters to you!


Hear what visitors had to say about Winterlit:


“Loved how they used eco-friendly materials for their art installations!”


“This was an EXCELLENT experience. I cannot say enough positive things about it. We hope this will be an annual thing - we would go again in a quick heartbeat!”


“It was a beautiful distraction from our world right now and a wonderful way for our family to begin the new year! We enjoyed it so much, the lights and trails were beautiful. A perfect way to spend the evening!”


“It was our family’s favourite outdoor winter activity to date - beautifully done and we can’t wait to visit again next winter!”


“It’s magical and just what we needed. It was the first evening event we had done in months, and we all came home feeling enchanted.”


“It was such a joyous evening wander. I spent the next day with a glow in my heart. It was an enchanting evening.”

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